How to study using our online courses

Study anytime and anywhere!
Study anytime and anywhere!

Hello all

With this COVID pandemic still hanging over all of our heads, we find ourselves in a very strange, alternative world at the moment. 

Restricted travel and various lockdowns have given us all more free time. 

Instead of climbing the walls with boredom, why not put this time to good use and start a new hobby, read a book, take an online course or take a professional qualification! :)

We now have a wide range of online courses for you to choose from, all of which are highly convenient, allowing you to study anytime, anywhere! -

If you are looking to take one of our online courses, here are a few tips, tricks and pointers on how best to approach same :)

1. Set up a study timetable, using the MyMPES study plan -
2. Listen / watch the MyMPES videos in conjuction with the MyMPES slides and make notes in your own words
3. Read the MyMPES notes and make notes in your own words
4. Read the Approved text book and make notes in your own words 
5. Condense your notes on to flash cards / mind maps
6. Attempt all MyMPES practice questions
7. Attempt all MyMPES mock exams
8. Attempt all questions in Approved exam kit 
9. If you are getting any questions routinely wrong - go back to the text book and re-read the chapter until you are comfortable with the concepts discussed
10. Finally, if you are getting stuck, please contact us to arrange Tutor support -

Anyway, stay safe and until next time!



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