Fancy becoming an accountant? Here are some reasons why to choose this highly respected profession .....

Check out what's what in this little article... :)
Check out what's what in this little article... :)

Hello again

In this instalment, I'm going to look at some of the reasons why a person would choose to train as an accountant, as follows:

1. All businesses need acccountants in some form or another.  As such, if you become an accountant, you'll find yourself in high demand / be highly employable.

2. Accountants have to learn constantly to keep up to date with the changes in their given field, as such you'll never be bored!  Accountancy is a global qualification, which is enjoyable and also helps you to improve your thinking skills :)

3. You'll meet very interesting people throughout your career, in the guise of clients or co-workers.

4. Accountancy is a dependeable career - you should always be able to get work and have high job security.

5. Being an accountant allows you to help other people - you could perhaps even volunteer your services to charities and the like.

6.  Accountants can work anywhere and in any industry.  Their qualification is extremely transportable, so it can help you see the world.  The qualification can let you explore your employment options and choose from a plethora of roles - you can be a manager, leader or even an entrepreneur (and work for yourself!).

7. As an accountant - your work matters.  It is a very respected and responsible job, which pays well.

8. Accountants are financial experts.  Not only do they crunch numbers, they help advise people on how best to arrange their financial affairs. You help to provide direct value.

9. The accountancy profession gives you room to grow as a professional and a person.  It opens up plenty of career options.

10.  and finally ........... did you know - you do not have to hold a degree to train to be an accountant, nor do you have to be a maths genius?  The qualification is hard work, but well worth it in the end.

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