Accountancy – an Apprentice’s tale.....

Meet David Ford
Meet David Ford

The Manx Accountancy Apprenticeship Scheme was originally devised by MPES Limited and the then DED.

David Ford was one of the first Accountancy Apprentices, we welcomed here at MPES.  He works for Bridgewaters, right here in Douglas.

Through sheer hard work, determination and tenacity, David has now achieved his                              
ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4).


We caught up with David to speak to him about the Accountancy Apprenticeship scheme, how he found it and his training….


Q1.  What made you want to apply for this scheme in the first instance?


Well, I originally spoke to numerous employment agencies on the Island until one pointed me in the direction of MPES, as a recommended accountancy tuition provider.  It was then upon my enquiries, that I learnt about the Accountancy Apprenticeship scheme and saw this as an opportunity to break into an industry that I had found difficult to break into previously.

Q2. What have been the plus and negative points of the scheme?


The positives of the scheme are - it can be quite attractive to an employer because all of the training costs involved are covered by the government and I have found that having a planned structure to help guide me through the qualification, very beneficial.


Negatives - just like any professional qualifications of this level, it can really eat into your personal life and finding the discipline to study, isn’t always easy!

Q3. Do you think apprenticeships in general are worthwhile for the Island, our local businesses and young people alike?


I think apprenticeships are a vital part of the island’s job market, especially with the climate around universities.  They also offer a viable opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have any qualifications, to gain them and for people who perhaps want to change industries and would otherwise struggle to break into accountancy.

Q4. What advice would you give to any other "would be" accountancy apprentice?


Just to understand what an opportunity it in fact is, and a good chance to set yourself up for life.  It is a lot of work in the short term, but something that will dramatically change your life for years to come!

Q5. Is it hard work?  What hours are involved?


There is a lot of hard work involved.  I think the same logic can be applied to studying for anything else in life, you only get out what you put in and to pass, you need to put the hours in.

Q6. How do you stay motivated and what was your key to success?


Staying motivated isn’t always easy, I think the best way is just to think of the bigger picture and how a short term sacrifice, will turn into a long term gain.


Q7.  What are your methods for studying and achieving great exam pass rates?


Well the obvious starting point is to read the book, completing all the exercises, completing all the homework/mock exams set on MyMPES and within the exam kit.


I found getting ahead on the reading always helped, so reading  the chapter we would be studying in class, before the class started, meant that if we were covering a new topic, I was better prepared, than just turning up to class and immediately getting lost in all of the jargon. 


One technique I employ during the exam, is to use the blank paper your provided with for workings.  I label the workings with the question number that way if I have any spare time at the end of the exam, I can go through and check my answers very easily.


Finally, it’s one thing that’s continually reinforced by the tutors, but I think question practice is the key.  Exam technique is almost as important as knowing the subject, as the questions can quite often be very convoluted, when the answer itself, is quite simple.

Q8. What's you plan now - will you continue with your studies?


I hope to push on and complete my CAT in December 2018.  I would then like to pursue full ACCA membership. 



This is an amazing achievement for David and we are all thrilled to bits for him. 

– well done David Ford!


The Accountancy Apprenticeship scheme is extremely worthwhile and open to all local businesses.

If you would like to know more, please contact the office –




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